Birmingham, Alabama Family Photography | Grehalva

This was such a fun family to photograph. Little Jacob was such a flirt, smiling and laughing for me. I loved taking photos of him with his mom and dad, as well as his grandparents. These were also part of my Christmas Mini Sessions. They were also taken at Oak Mountain Heardmont Park in Birmingham, Alabama. This family was scheduled at the golden hour of the day – when the sunlight is just lovely! And I am in love with how the pictures turned out. Of course I do have a bit of a soft spot for sweet babies, especially adorable ones like Jacob! This family also did a fabulous job of wardrobe matching. I love the fall color scheme. I am a big fan of bright colors – and these were the perfect darker fall colors that just make the pictures pop!

chelsea-birmingham-alabama-family-photography-grehalva-christmas-2014-1 chelsea-birmingham-alabama-family-photography-grehalva-christmas-2014-2 chelsea-birmingham-alabama-family-photography-grehalva-christmas-2014-3 chelsea-birmingham-alabama-family-photography-grehalva-christmas-2014-4 chelsea-birmingham-alabama-family-photography-grehalva-christmas-2014-5 chelsea-birmingham-alabama-family-photography-grehalva-christmas-2014-6 chelsea-birmingham-alabama-family-photography-grehalva-christmas-2014-7 chelsea-birmingham-alabama-family-photography-grehalva-christmas-2014-8

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