Chelsea, Alabama Baby Photography | Noah | 8 Months

This big boy is E-I-G-H-T months old. What?! Where does the time go? He is becoming such a big boy. He has mastered the skill of sitting up from laying down – so pretty much, you can’t get him to lay down anymore… Naptime was pretty rough for a few days, complete with sleeping with his head in his lap. He loves to bounce on his hands and knees and can manage to reach around to get where he wants, but he isn’t quite crawling yet. Just today, he managed to pull himself up onto his knees all by himself. I can only imagine that pulling up to stand is not far behind! He still has no teeth, but he has a mouthful of white gums and tonnnnns of drool. I mean, really, how can a baby produce so much drool? But still no teeth. I am looking forward to seeing what month 9 will hold for this sweet boy. Did I mention that he LOVES to give sweet hugs? To everyone… even his toys. He is such a sweetheart. Also… make sure you scroll all the way to the end to see the A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E Mickey Mouse outfit. Noah says thank you to his wonderful aunt and uncle for thinking of him on their trip to Disney World. 🙂

shelley-barrett-shelby-county-alabama-baby-photography-nb-8months-1 shelley-barrett-shelby-county-alabama-baby-photography-nb-8months-2 shelley-barrett-shelby-county-alabama-baby-photography-nb-8months-3 shelley-barrett-shelby-county-alabama-baby-photography-nb-8months-4 shelley-barrett-shelby-county-alabama-baby-photography-nb-8months-5 shelley-barrett-shelby-county-alabama-baby-photography-nb-8months-6 shelley-barrett-shelby-county-alabama-baby-photography-nb-8months-7 shelley-barrett-shelby-county-alabama-baby-photography-nb-8months-8 shelley-barrett-shelby-county-alabama-baby-photography-nb-8months-9 shelley-barrett-shelby-county-alabama-baby-photography-nb-8months-10 shelley-barrett-shelby-county-alabama-baby-photography-nb-8months-11 shelley-barrett-shelby-county-alabama-baby-photography-nb-8months-12 shelley-barrett-shelby-county-alabama-baby-photography-nb-8months-13 shelley-barrett-shelby-county-alabama-baby-photography-nb-8months-14 shelley-barrett-shelby-county-alabama-baby-photography-nb-8months-15 shelley-barrett-shelby-county-alabama-baby-photography-nb-8months-16 shelley-barrett-shelby-county-alabama-baby-photography-nb-8months-17 shelley-barrett-shelby-county-alabama-baby-photography-nb-8months-18 shelley-barrett-shelby-county-alabama-baby-photography-nb-8months-19

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