Davis | Birmingham Alabama Family Photographer

I love doing family photography! This was such a cute little family that I shot a few years ago. I love the way the fall colors came out beautifully! Can you guess what my favorite season is? (Hint: It starts with “F” and ends with “all”.) These photos are from when I was a photographer up in Huntsville, taken at Monte Sano Park. Just gorgeous up there!

birmingham-alabama-family-photographer-davis-1 birmingham-alabama-family-photographer-davis-10 birmingham-alabama-family-photographer-davis-9 birmingham-alabama-family-photographer-davis-8 birmingham-alabama-family-photographer-davis-7 birmingham-alabama-family-photographer-davis-6 birmingham-alabama-family-photographer-davis-5 birmingham-alabama-family-photographer-davis-4 birmingham-alabama-family-photographer-davis-3 birmingham-alabama-family-photographer-davis-2

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