Leatherman | Birmingham, Alabama Couples Photographer

This couple was very adventurous for their Christmas Mini Session! When I first met them, they had already scouted out a spot for pictures – across a muddy bank. I was game, it looked gorgeous! (This was also at Oak Mountain’s Heardmont Park in Birmingham, Alabama, by the way). They both cautiously made their way across the muddy slope, and up the muddy bank to the patch of land. I proceeded to follow, and immediately my feet slipped out from under me and I landed smack on my behind. Lovely. My entire backside was covered in mud! Luckily, they didn’t mock my clumsiness and my camera was safe (that’s the most important thing, right?) so we continued on. We got some absolutely lovely pictures with the river in the background – so it was totally worth it! I love how soft the light was and how golden these pictures turned out. Just perfect! Plus, it was so wonderful to see how in love these two were. You could just tell how much they cared for each other. It was so beautiful to capture!

chelsea-birmingham-alabama-family-photographer-leatherman-christmas-2014-1 chelsea-birmingham-alabama-family-photographer-leatherman-christmas-2014-2 chelsea-birmingham-alabama-family-photographer-leatherman-christmas-2014-3 chelsea-birmingham-alabama-family-photographer-leatherman-christmas-2014-4 chelsea-birmingham-alabama-family-photographer-leatherman-christmas-2014-5 chelsea-birmingham-alabama-family-photographer-leatherman-christmas-2014-6

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