Senior Portrait Preparations


Where will my session take place?

Sessions will be held at the location we have specified. Please discuss with me what the best place will be for us to meet at our location.

How long will you spend with us?

I set aside up to 2 hours for your senior portrait session, allowing for plenty of poses and backgrounds. On hot summer days, we will try to be super efficient so that you don’t get all sweaty!

How should I dress?

You want to pick outfits that you feel comfortable and beautiful/handsome in. If you feel good, it will show in the pictures! Go ahead and pick out 2-3 outfits. (You can also bring sports uniforms if you want!) You can also bring a couple extra if you are unsure and we can pick them out together. And definitely bring any sports equipment or band instruments – or anything related to your hobbies that you think we might could incorporate.
I suggest bringing colorful clothes, as opposed to black/white, only because pictures tend to really pop with beautiful colors! You will also want to think about your outfits being timeless (imagine looking back at your senior pictures from the 1980s and being horrified by the crazy outfit you wore!). So just avoid anything that is too outrageous 🙂

What should I do with my hair?

Wear you hair in your normal hairstyle. We want these portraits to showcase what YOU look like. If you are getting a haircut, do so a week or two before your session. Bring any hair care products you may need to straighten up your look throughout our session. Boys – shave or clean up your facial hair before your session.

What about my skin?

Worried about acne or other skin problems? Let me know and I will take extra care in making you look your best during retouching! Minor blemishes and marks are easy to remove. Avoid last minute tanning – sunburns and tan lines cannot always be fixed in post-production. Girls should keep their make-up light and natural; don’t go too far beyond what you normally wear.

What should I expect?

Unless you are a professional model, you probably feel a little anxiety over being the focus of an entire photoshoot. But don’t worry! My job is to make you look good in your pictures, whether you feel awkward posing or not! To help you feel more prepared, I am including some basic poses below that you can practice in the mirror before your session.