Shelby County Baby Photography | Noah | 10 Months

TEN months old. How do they grow up so quickly? Little man is standing/walking like a pro, as long as he is holding onto something. He got his momma’s balance it seems, but likes to practice free standing all the time. He can go for about 10 seconds without falling. He is now walking with only one hand, although it is much less smooth than when he “runs” around holding on with both hands. We finally have a bit of a tooth popping through! A REAL LIVE tooth! It still hasn’t come all the way through, but it is actual progress! Noah loves to eat still. He loves sucking on pork chops, chicken, macaroni, black beans, and string cheese. (I say sucking, because he has no teeth to chew with…) He also likes gnawing on apples and his cheese puffs. He has learned to drink from a sippy cup, and has decreased his formula intake a bit. He is crazy busy… all. the. time. Nonstop moving. He also has mastered the art of speed crawling. When he sees a door open to a room he is not allowed into, he will zip lightning fast to get there.

I am loving every minute of being home with him. It is a dream come true to be able to watch him grow! But this

months pictures were the hardest to get, yet.


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